Fresh Fit UK is an outdoor fitness company with a strong community foundation.

We at Fresh Fit UK are a team of experienced trainers from all walks of life, our love is outdoor fitness and activity, our passion is helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Sessions are delivered in a class environment and although challenging the classes and activities are scalable to meet the individual’s ability or limitations.

We commit that no two sessions will be the same and it’s with this variety we see the best and most prolonged results, we find variety ensures plateaus are uncommon and keeps things mentally interesting for you.

The activities we perform during our sessions will include some or all of the following;

Combination circuits

Bodyweight exercises


Team exercises and scenarios

Equipment or “kit”


At Fresh Fit UK, community is at the heart of everything we do, we train together and make time to have fun together.
If you have a goal or aspiration to take part in a race or activity and we can help you, we will.

We have social activities throughout the year, an opportunity to put your glad rags on, let your hair down, and show your fitness comrades you look good out of Lycra as well.

Final point...
Always bring a sense of humour, we do! We strive to ensure every session has an element of fun as well as hard work